Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Makaii.
What is Makaii?

Makaii serves as a platform that connects consumers with exceptional deals and valuable information to enhance their savings and convenience, all the while offering businesses an interactive channel to grow their customer reach.

What Makaii offers?

Our core mission is to integrate our vision of “Life is better with Makaii” into every aspect of our work. We provide a platform that enriches the experiences of its users and offers real advantages to the vendors we partner with.

What is Makaii Monday?

“Makaii Monday” is our way of expressing gratitude to our valued customers with freebies, exciting rewards, and “Makaii Points”. It's a weekly quiz game within our app, accessible every Monday.

How does Makaii Monday work?

Each Monday, discover new featured rewards and offers. Just answer one simple question, and we'll have three lucky winners each week. Open the app on Mondays to find out what we have as a token of our appreciation for your loyalty.

Why Makaii Monday?

"Life is better with Makaii," rings true in our philosophy where everyone in Makaii is a winner. Even if you didn't emerge as a winner on Makaii Monday, we recognize your participation by granting you "Makaii Points," which can be exchanged for exclusive items in our marketplace.

What are Makaii Points?

Makaii points are rewards that are earned by participating in activities or events within the Makaii platform. These points can be accumulated and used to redeem exclusive items available in the Makaii marketplace. They serve as a way to acknowledge and reward user engagement and loyalty within the Makaii ecosystem.

What is Makaii Marketplace?

The Makaii Marketplace serves as a platform where users have the option to utilize the Makaii points they have accrued within the Makaii platform. This can be done either by redeeming these points for various exclusive items or by making direct purchases of our exclusive offerings available within the marketplace.